Found its way into the house and couldn't get out, so it landed on my hand and let me help.
Factory Worker
A super awkward hopeless romantic with deep pockets and a tenacious spirit.
I now had a duffle bag, plus a weekender bag stuffed with shirts, shorts, underwear, swim trunks, flip flops, a towel, and jogging shoes that I definitely wasn't going to use.
I put my head down, got in the back seat and wondered what our new place was going to look like.
He was going to now get out of the plane and I was going to do the rest of this lesson on my own. My stomach started to knot up.
How 10 train cars filled with commuters on their way to work could disappear without anyone knowing where they went.
At twenty-two, she told him she had no desire to live past thirty-six. He agreed and they fell in love.
At first he stayed on the couch, but after two weeks, I got the impression he didn't want to leave.
Now she was leaving him, talking some crazy thing about being in South America for a year to hike the Andes.
The sailboat guy taught me how to go with the flow and just enjoy the shit out of some Fleetwood Mac when it comes on the radio.